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From left to right, Mrs. Starr Plump, Mrs. Monica Mitchell, Mrs. Maegan Ford, Mrs. Jaclyn Brown Wright.


The Office of Curriculum & Instruction manages Teaching and Learning in Conecuh County Schools.  The department ensures that all teachers follow approved Alabama Department of Education guidelines and teaching standards, while utilizing evidence-based instructional strategies. 



Now Available: 2018-2019 Curriculum Frameworks 

Visit the links below for access to all K-12 documents OR find documents specific to your grade level by visiting the "Elementary," "Middle School," and "High School" links to the left of the screen. 


Lesson Plan Template 2018-2019

Sample Lesson Plans: 

Minimum Requirement for Lesson Plans 

Detailed Format for Lesson Plans (per teacher's preference)


ELA Curriculum Frameworks (Google Drive Folder)

ELA Guidance Document 


Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks (Google Drive Folder)

Mathematics Guidance Document


Science Curriculum Frameworks (Google Drive Folder)

Science Guidance Document


Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks (Google Drive Folder)


NEW! Content Area Curriculum Resources

Conecuh County Teachers may now access, and add to, a resource bank designated for each content area.  Please click HERE for a "How To" document detailing this new resource.  Thank you for your contributions!



Roles and Responsibilities for C&I 2018-2019



Mrs. Jaclyn Brown Wright 251-578-1752  Extn: 1212
Executive Director of K-12 Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Programs Email Mrs. Jaclyn Brown Wright
Mrs. Maegan Ford 251-578-1752  Extn: 1220
Middle School Curriculum Coordinator & K-12 Science Specialist Email Mrs. Maegan Ford
Mrs. Monica Mitchell
Lead ARI Reading Specialist & K-12 Social Studies and ELA Specialist Email Mrs. Monica Mitchell
Mrs. Starr Plump 251-578-1752  Extn: 1210
High School Curriculum Coordinator & K-12 Mathematics Specialist Email Mrs. Starr Plump

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